About Us

We, the makers of FRONDS, are entrepreneurial engineers who, over the past two decades, designed, developed, installed and maintained hundreds of critical data systems in over 40 different industries. You can learn more about us here.

Engineers are trained to learn quickly, ask questions, and design better systems, and that’s what we did with FRONDS, a system charged with helping to increase fundraising and improve operations of cultural and educational institutions. At it’s core, we created our own rapid enterprise development tool called AmpUp to deliver a flexible web-based system that is focused on workflow and productivity rather than just being a database of donor data.

While we are based in Los Angeles, California we offer and support systems around the United States. We work with our clients to meet their exacting requirements, then we host their system “on the Cloud” so as to save them the cost and hassle of constant maintenance.

Our friendly staff is not only available to explain the features and benefits of FRONDS, but they can guide you through configuration, answer your questions, provide system support, and explain how to add any special features you may need. Our engineers are available to enhance your implementation of FRONDS so that you have a system that matches your workflow, thereby having FRONDS work for you and not the other way around.

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