Grow your donor base

Making the most of marketing and reducing the friction to donations and membership sales is a great way to move up the numbers of your donor base. FRONDS makes this easy with back-office and front-office integration.

Grow your giving

Just because you have many donors on record doesn’t mean you are optimizing their total giving. What do your donors like to do? Will they come out for special events? Develop different types of Solicitations and Campaigns, then use FRONDS’ history to target your promotions and fundraising requests.

Reduce your workload

Parks use FRONDS’ special features to keep track of donors, members, classes, catering, train/tram tickets, and tickets and sales relating to special events. FRONDS provides a number of attractive features to streamline workflow including membership management, instant ID card printing, integrated Point-of-Sale, and instant access reports for operations.

Benefit from the User Community

FRONDS is constantly being improved and obtaining new features based on useful feedback from the user community. Since FRONDS is conveniently managed in the Cloud, all users instantly obtain the new features when a new version of FRONDS is released.

Have Access to Unparalleled Support

FRONDS is offered by a technology consultancy firm managed by successful hardware and software engineers who have collectively more than 100 years of experience. Odds are rather good that, if there is something that you need that FRONDS doesn’t already do, you can get it added to your implementation of FRONDS quickly and cost-effectively.

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