Five Questions

1. Do you use one or a number of different software tools?

Using one tool centralizes operations, resulting in a highly efficient work environment. FRONDS integrates donor and moves management with membership management and ID card printing as well as Point-of-Sale for your Visitor Center or Welcome Booth.

2. Does your management tool print and scan in membership cards?

If not, you are losing out on having accurate visibility into your membership. FRONDS makes this easy by interfacing with ID card printers and using barcode scanners where members check-in. By using the FRONDS Dashboard, you can see ongoing activity on your browser, and, by using FRONDS built-in reports, you can get a breakdown of all activity on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

3. Do you have integrated Point-of-Sale?

Having your own, custom Point-of-Sale screen for your Visitor Center or Welcome Booth means that you track what you want to track. Let FRONDS work for you; don’t work for your system.

4. Is your current system in the Cloud?

If not, you or your IT group will have to setup and maintain custom server hardware at generally higher rates. Because of its enormous economy of scale, the Cloud provides high-quality IT services at bargain rates. We can’t wait to share with you what your monthly service fee will be. We bet you will be surprised.

5. Does your current provider have developers ready to help you?

FRONDS is offered by an established technology consulting company with software programmers and hardware engineers who can help you realize any potential you require. Instead of using a “canned” system, think about leveraging a technical team who “can” do your implementation the way you want.

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